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DriveShare allows you to securely share your files and to collaborate with others, regardless of your location or the device you are using at the time.

This allows for enterprise file sharing over the Internet without requiring cumbersome tunnels or complicated setup. DriveShare makes accessing files on a remote system (either on the local LAN or across the Internet) easy and simple, providing enhanced security and easy configuration.

DriveShare allows you to:

  • Utilize Local Operating System Tools
  • Access your files securely via the web.
  • Use mobile devices like the iPhone, Blackberry or G1 to view your files.
  • Manage remote files easily and natively using all the tools available in your operating system.
  • Use local backup utilities to backup your data to remote systems.
  • Run popular antivirus software on both your local and remote drives.
  • Create local scripts to manipulate files.
  • Turn any computer into a Remote Attached Storageā„¢ device, providing the features of NAS (Network Attached Storage) plus secure remote access and more.

DriveShare was designed specifically for those that need to access their home or office computer files. WebMaster offers versions of DriveShare that will allow the home or small office user to gain access to their files, and with Rendezvous this will even work between two networks that are both behind NAT routers.

DriveShare is the easy, fast and secure way to share and access files even between different OS types. Combined with easy management, DriveShare can completely replace the need for other file sharing type systems.

With DriveShare, you can simply choose which folders you wish to share and who to share them with. You, or those you authorize, can access your data with almost any tool from almost any computer or web enabled device. It's that simple.

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