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Enterprise Edition FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions About the ConferenceRoom Enterprise Edition

Does the ConferenceRoom Enterprise Edition use multi-threading to take advantage of multiple CPUs on the server?

ConferenceRoom is multi-threaded. However, it should be noted that we've run over 6000 connections on a single process PII-266 with plenty of CPU left over for more connections. We don't feel that you'll need to use an SMP machine to max out an Enterprise license.

We specifically say in the license that there are no updates, and that it's a single snapshot. However, it has been our policy (Especially with our Enterprise Licensees) to update them on request when we have made large improvements to the code.

What type of source code documentation and future updates comes with the server application (to customize it)?

Source code to the server is not available. We do have certain things that can be customized including the messages that the server responds. Most of our customers modify the front end and don't need to modify the server. If there is a feature that we don't have that you need, we would be very happy to discuss it with you. Please send your e-mail to

What features are only found in the Enterprise Edition of ConferenceRoom?

Buddy Lists: Now you can add your friends to your buddy lists to let you know when they're online. If they're not online and you try to message a buddy it will automatically send your message as a memo.

MemoServ: Allows you or your users to send memos (like emails inside the chat environment) to other users. You can also add users to channels and create virtual memo lists.

Secure Authentication: allows you to have a list of user names an passwords to access the servers. Users can always be traced back to their accounts.

Advanced Interface Options

10,000 users on a single server
Event Management: Allows you to have advanced control over large scale events, several different levels of moderation
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