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Java Client FAQ

Java Client - The Ultimate Conference Room Tool

The WebMaster Java client has been purposely designed for ease of use and accessibility in ConferenceRoom's Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Java Client Features

Background Images: The java client supports images that can be placed behind the chat area, this allows you to create a look and feel for your chat applet that matches the look of your site.

Rooms List: This allows you to list all or selected rooms that are on the server. This can be part of the client display or a separate applet that is on the page.

Watermarks: Allows you to put an image that is centered in the chat areas on the page

Ticker: You can display information that is defined in the chat page, and/or you can send real time information to all the java clients that will display in a rolling ticker below the chat applet. This ticker is handy to give information to your audience. As an example you can notify everyone of up and coming events, advertise, put in a stock ticker. Or you can select our news service to give your chatters the latest news from the Associated Press.

Session Settings Panel: This panel will allow your users to select settings that effect their chat, they can select to see time stamps, only see chat comments, float the chat client and load sub applets.

Nickname Management Panel: The Professional Edition and above offer Nickname management options, this panel will allow users to easily set up their nickname and manage their online presence.

Channel Management Panel: The Professional Edition and above offer Channel management options, this panel allows the user to set options for managing the channel settings.

Channel Operator Panel: An easy way to manage rooms, point and click to get rid of troublesome users, change the topic or the settings of a room.

Buddy List Panel: An Enterprise feature that allows people to get notifications of users and channels. Tell when your friends come online or when a channel that you like becomes used, or someone enters it.

MemoServ Panel: An Enterprise feature that allows you to send memos to users when they're not online. It also can be used to send virtual mailing lists on your chat server.

Image panel: Inlined Images into Chat

Ticker Topics Panel: This allows you to create topics for display to your user base. When you send out a NewsFlash with a topic defined only those users that have that selection checked will see the flash. The panel also allows administrators of the site to define which topics can't be unchecked.

Moderation and Event Management Panel: An Enterprise feature this allows you to easily run large scale chat events and manage large question queues.

Command set restrictions: From advanced to simple the java client allows you to select what kind of chat environment is best for your event or for your type of application. From a simple room with almost no external commands to something that is very complex and feature rich there's a style that will match every application.

Java Script Public Methods: You can get information into the chat environment using simple Java Script with the built in java script methods that are included in the chat client.

Java Client can Float off the web page: This allows your users to browse the Internet while in the chat environment.

Sounds drop box: The java client has embedded sound support allowing you to 'play' sounds in a chat channel. Define different .au format sounds that everyone will hear.

Actions drop box: Define text emotions or sayings that can be sent into a channel. From a simple comment, these comments can be aimed at the channel or directly at a single user.

Commands drop box: Define commonly used commands that can be listed in a drop box below the java client.

Define font, color and size: You can define just about every aspect of the chat applet with different colors. Different fonts, sizes etc can be defined to make your chat sight easy to use, blend in with your web site and give a distinctive and quality look to your site.

WebTours: Now you can send everyone on the server, in a room or directed toward a single user to a specified web page while you're in chat. This will launch a browser window or you can target a frame. A customer support rep could display a FAQ about a question, a professor could pop up next weeks syllabus or any other information or page that might be useful.

Multi Lingual Support: For users using browsers that are IE4/NS4 and above you can now use double byte characters.

Avatars: Select an image that will represent you to others in the chat area. This image will be displayed next to every message that you send to the room.

ConferenceRoom's Java client is integrated with every ConferenceRoom edition.

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