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Events and Auditorium Support

Large Scale Event and Auditorium Support

The ConferenceRoom Enterprise Edition has the enviable feature set to handle large-scale events and auditoriums.

These features are specifically targeted at the large user, open forum style of internet chat. And includes multi-level moderation with question queues, and automatic channel size management. These features are specific to the Enterprise Edition

  • Crowd Control: Users cannot see each other enter and leave the room saving server bandwidth on large events.
  • Overflow Channels: Set a limit on the number of users in a room and users joining the full room are automatically directed to the overflow room
  • Auditorium: allows you to set parameters for event participants into smaller manageable groups without compromising event participation
  • Advanced Moderation: Event participants can submit questions to a multi level question queue for distribution into the event
  • Targeted Advertising: Messages linked to web-pages appear in the tickers of event participants
  • Automated Promotion: The server can be configured to send out notices and NewsFlashes or web tours promoting your event

As every event size and circumstance differs, please feel free to contact our sales department regarding a specific solution to your specific needs.

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