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Encryption, security, hacking, backdoors, viruses… What does it all mean?

Encryption and security have always elicited a vision of short-sleeved geeks sitting around mainframes with calculators while lights flash on consoles in the background. Actually encryption and system security isn't the exclusive purview of the mathematically inclined, but rather they are tools that we all should be using in our day-to-day existence.

In today's global economy, information is the product, and it doesn't matter if it's your personal finances, your private emails or pictures, the designs of the next generation super-chip, the plans for the next hot car, the formula for a revolutionary fuel or the confidential records of your clients. All information has a value, not just to you but to others that might wish to steal or corrupt it, they will sell it, trade it... Somewhere there is a buyer for any information that is gathered from your system regardless of how mundane. The effort that the hackers will make is determined by its monetary value and ease of theft. Of course there are always those that are motivated not by profit but rather the chaos that they create when all your files are deleted.

With all the backdoors, hacks and viruses that are present in today's global networks, public or private, it behooves you to act as if your computer is a constant target for those that want to steal or corrupt your precious data. Thankfully, tools are now available that make such protection virtually painless.

WebMaster Incorporated is a company that specializes in securing your data with advanced file system and transport technologies. We have been developing cryptographic solutions for some of the most demanding customers including the military and intelligence communities for over 7 years. Our goal is to protect your data whenever it leaves your system giving access only to those designated by you.

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