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Scribe allows you to automatically log your conferences and chat sessions to text, HTML or XML in real time. The server can be configured to automatically start and stop the logs based on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly events.

The Scribe module adds three new elements to your server, Scripting, Events and Logging. The three new abilities in the server when combined will allow you to write a script that creates a channel, adds a greeting to the channel, starts channel logging and opens the channel to the public. Then at a specified time it can change the greeting to specify that the channel is closed and set it to not allow any new users in. This adds a whole new range of customization options to the server.


The logging engine copies all information that is sent to a specifically configured room or channel. It then writes that information into a proprietary logging format. Using our web server you can create theme based output that allows you to create any look and feel for your logs that you want. Output can be in XML/HTML or plain text. It includes the ability to automate not only your Logs chat sessions to HTML dynamically. You can have an up to date log that displays the information that was just sent into the room. Multiple output styles can also be created that allows users to view a channel in HTML while making the data available in XML.


Create configuration scripts that control the administrative interface of yourserver. This will allow you to change your servers behavior based on preset commands that can be issued online with a command alias. As an example you can write a script that will open up your server to the public and put specific messages into the channel. This allows you to automate tedious tasks and make it possible to even further customize the server. Scripts that configure the server can be given an IRC command alias so they can be triggered online. Those commands can also be triggered by specified channel operators allowing you to give specified advance configuration access to users that would normally not have access to those advanced commands.


Create timed events that trigger scripts. After you have written a script you can specify when and how often that script is to be run. If you had one script for each day you could then create an event that called each script weekly. In this way you could customize your server so that it changed each day of the week. With this type of control on the server you can ensure that things are automated and you don't have to be present to make sure that the server is configured as you would want.


Scribe is priced at $495.00 and we believe that no ConferenceRoom business application is complete without its added functionality. That is one of the many reasons that we have included Scribe in ConferenceRoom's comprehensive Enterprise Edition. But even if you don't have the need for the extra features found in the Enterprise Edition (yet!) you can add Scribe to your Professional. Purchase Scribe today.

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